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We’re here to support you throughout your time at Edge Hill University. Whether that’s offering wellbeing guidance, money advice, or helping you deal with a difficult situation. Explore the range of information on the services you can access as a current student, or as a student studying on an apprenticeship programme.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has gone through a number of phases since it began in early-2019. As a result of the successful roll-out of the vaccination programme and more effective treatments to prevent severe illness, the pandemic has moved to a point where we are living with Covid with very few restrictions in place. There are still simple measures we can take to minimise transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases including having good hand hygiene and adopting behaviours such as Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.

Further information on the latest advice can be found on the NHS page.  

Advice and support is still available from the following places if you need it:

Vaccination information